Compressport Pro Racing Winter Trail Socks Red/Black

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Compressport Pro Racing Winter Trail are the heat-protective and ultra-stable winter trail running socks made of a fabric composed of wool, cashmere and silk that keep feet warm, dry and stable on frozen paths.

  • Thick and dense 3D stitches that prevent bruises on the inside of the leg and malleolus
  • 360 ° arch support that offers reassuring stability on rocky terrain
  • Targeted compression that increases blood flow
  • More breathable panels to allow sweat to drain quickly
  • Reinforced and seamless toe that protects fingers and toenails
  • Compressport logo stitched
  • Pack of 1 pair
  • Length: half leg
  • Fabric: 72% polyamide, 18% merino wool, 7% elastane, 3% silk
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Achilles Protection
The cushioning effect of 3D.DOTS on the back of the sock protects the Achilles tendon from chafing and pressure.

Acu Pressure
"Acupressure with massage" activates blood circulation through foot reflexology.

Anatomically Correct
Specially created for the right foot and the left foot to adhere to the anatomy of the foot and ensure good performance.

Archstim Support
Situato sull'arco plantare, offre un miglioramento del ritorno venoso e del recupero.

Malleolus protect
The 3D dots on the inside at the height of the malleolus help to cushion the bumps.

Its unique texture promotes air circulation and allows a perfect balance between the outside and the inside. In this way the body remains at the same temperature without sudden changes. A real protection from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer.

Water extraction
Dot 3-D do not retain water (rain, hydration, perspiration) and facilitate its elimination. Feet stay dry.

Perfect fit, maximum efficiency and comfort (without chafing).

Shock absorber
The 360 ° compression dampens the "shock wave" effect on muscles, veins and joints.

Grip 3D dots
3D DOTs absorb sweat. They do not retain water and allow the air to circulate between them for ultra-fast drying.

For optimal comfort, the microfiber is 100% seamless, light and very soft.

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