We analyze your running.
Frame by frame!

Entrust our team of experts with the gait analysis, you’ll receive a detailed report of your support that will allow you to choose the most suitable running shoes for your run.

Record your videos.

All you need is a treadmill to run on, and your smartphone to record the video of your run. Watch the tutorial...

Pre-order the service.

Cost starting from € 3.90. The full cost of the service will be refunded to you if you purchase a new pair of shoes within 30 days.

Upload video.

Uploading your videos is very simple, access the upload area and fill in the dedicated form.

Receive you gait analysis.

We will carefully analyze the videos of your running, drawing up g detailed report of your pace that you can view at any time in your account. Our team will also recommend the most suitable shoes for your run.