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Mico Socks

Elasticity, softness and breathability to ensure the best performance.
Choose your socks in our Mico collection immediately available.

Technical wear Mico

Technical wear
Continuous quality improvment and technology research.
T-shirts, top, technical underwear, technical items designed to fit your body And follow each movement.

Mico Sport Running

On Mister Running you will find a great selection of Mico running products. All guarantee high quality and high technicality and are designed specifically for each condition and type of use. The brand, specialist in socks, also produces technical running apparel thanks to the use of advanced technologies and innovative materials. Mico garments are designed for active and demanding runners, always looking for maximum performance in terms of comfort, performance, protection and reliability.

Mico Running Socks

Mister Running presents you the line of running socks Mico, a technical collection characterized by a high technological content that raises comfort in any climatic and sporting condition. Certified yarns that regulate perspiration and sweating and eliminate unpleasant sensations. Choose the Mico socks that are best for you, and you can go faster, farther and uplift your performances.

Mico Sport Running Clothing

By wearing the Mico Sport running clothes you will get the most out of your performance thanks to their softness, breathability and elasticity. All Mico garments are specially designed to be extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear. The continuous growth and development of technologies have led to the creation of a Mico race clothing line, for professional and amateur runners, which focuses on protection from heat, humidity, perspiration, bad smells and skin contact stress. The running T-shirts and Mico shorts are based on special fibers, applied and processed according to the needs and supports necessary for all types of runners. Check out the whole collection in the online running shop, you will always find the best price on the web.

Fast shipping and easy return

Buying Mico Sport running products on Mister Running is easy and convenient. All our online products are available immediately, and are delivered in 3/4 days in throughout Europe. You have two weeks to evaluate your purchase and if they are not to your liking you can return it of charge within 14 days from the date of receipt and we'll refund you as soon as we get them back.

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