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Mico Socks

Elasticity, softness and breathability to ensure the best performance.
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Technical wear Mico

Technical wear
Continuous quality improvment and technology research.
T-shirts, top, technical underwear, technical items designed to fit your body And follow each movement.

Mico: Technical items for Sport

On you will find a large selection of Mico products for sports activities. The company Mico, born in 1970 as a specialist in socks, produces since 1977 technical products for sport thanks to the use of advanced technologies and innovative materials.

The Italian brand Mico guarantees high quality products and high technology, specifically designed for any condition and type of use. The garments are designed for active and demanding people whom always looking for maximum performance in terms of comfort, performance, protection and reliability.

Mico Clothing

The Mico team cares for the well-being of runners, with a particular attention to protection from heat, moisture, sweat, bad odors and skin contact stress. Wearing the Mico items, you will reach the most of your performance thanks to their softness, breathability and elasticity, specially designed to make them extremely comfortable.

Mico Socks presents you the Mico socks line, a technical collection featuring a high tech content that enhances comfort in any climate and sporting condition.

Certified yarns that regulate perspiration and sweating and eliminate unpleasant sensations. When technology meets science, the body meets well-being, and so you can go faster, farther by raising your performance.

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