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Mico Sport

The technical clothing that quickly dispels sweat from the skin and regulates the body temperature and the
running socks made with the best technologies and the most advanced yarns: discover the vast Mico assortment.

Mico Sport

On Mister Running you will find a great selection of Mico Sport products. All guarantee high quality and high technicality, and are designed specifically for each condition and type of use. The brand, a specialist in running socks, also produces technical running apparel and sports underwear with the use of advanced technologies and innovative materials. In fact, Mico Sport garments are designed for active and demanding runners, always looking for maximum performance in terms of comfort, performance, protection and reliability.

Socks Mico: only for those who are serious!

Looking for the best for your feet during the ride? The Mico socks are for you: maximum comfort in all weather conditions and sports, only certified yarns, an all-Italian production and the best technologies. Discover Oxi-Jet, the line of compression socks that promotes venous circulation during training, or opt for the anti-odor Mico socks with X-Static technology if you try to combat perspiration and unpleasant odors, it is about products using pure silver inside the textile fiber to ensure a pleasant feeling of freshness and hygiene. In addition, all running socks by Mico are made with super flat seams that avoid the unpleasant feeling of friction and discomfort on the fingers. You just have to choose the ones that are right for you!

Technical clothing and sports underwear Mico

In the ample offer of the megastore you will find the entire collection of technical clothing and sports underwear Mico for your workouts. The Mico sports garments are designed to be extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear thanks to their softness, as well as breathability and elasticity. All the clothing and underwear Mico guarantees protection from heat, humidity, perspiration and unpleasant odors thanks to 3 layers of fabric that maintain the body temperature unaltered. The running t-shirts and shorts are made with special fibers, applied and processed according to the needs and support necessary for all types of runners, from professional to amateur runners. And to complete your look, discover all the Mico accessories available online!

Choose Mico on Mister Running and take advantage of the benefits

Buying your Mico Sport running products in our online store is simple, convenient and above all convenient. All Mico products are always available immediately in stock, your order is then processed in a few hours, and your purchases will be delivered in 3-4 working days in Europe. And if you are not satisfied? You have 14 days to return for free your items if you decide not to hold them back. We take care of everything, our courier will come to pick up your package and we will refund you as soon as we receive it back.