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Choose Altra for your next ride and enjoy a unique experience of comfort and performance. The shoes feature FootShape technology, which guarantees a perfect shape for the foot, and zero drop, for a smooth transition during the run. Choose from a wide selection of models and discover the difference a shoe with zero drop can make.

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Altra Shop Running

Footshape TM Original

The wider space in the forefoot allows your toes to relax, spread naturally and freely adapt to the shape of the shoe for maximum comfort.

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Footshape TM Standard

Slightly more tapered it has the necessary space in the forefoot to allow your toes to relax, stretch naturally and adapt to the shoe.

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Footshape TM SLIM

Although it is more snug than Altra's standard, it still guarantees the necessary space for the toes to adapt and move naturally inside the shoe, without sacrificing comfort and stability.

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