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Mizuno Wave Prodigy

BlueCod: MRF81012     Mod: J1GC1710-02
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  • Scarpa da running
  • Peso della Scarpa 305 gr.
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Mizuno Wave Prodigy - Blue J1GC1710-02

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Mizuno Wave Prodigy - Blue J1GC1710-02

Mizuno Wave Prodigy

Suitable for medium - long distances, the Mizuno Wave Prodigy shoe is reactive and comfortable.

Smoothride technology, full length in the intersection, it is designed to make the step transition smoother, the transition from the first support to the thrust. The sole is made of U4icX foam, offers greater density and improves comfort with superior bounce power.

The Mizuno Wave Prodigy running shoe is recommended to neutral foot strikers with a fast/slow step and a body weight between 70/80 Kilograms.

Weight: 305 grams (male size 9 USA - 42 EU)
Drop: 12 mm

AIRmesh upper for maximum perspiration
Mizuno Intercool ventilation system for less heat and moisture inside the shoe
X10 technology for longer durability in high impact areas and greater grip
Padded collar
Reinforced shoe tip
The internal zone of the heel is reinforced to guarantee increased stability

Mizuno Wave Prodigy - Blue


Mizuno Air Mesh


Breathable and Cool. AIRmesh allows each running shoe from Mizuno to maintain a high standard of breathability for the life of the shoe, and allows the foot to stay cool.
Mizuno Intercool


Cool and Dry. Mizuno Intercool solves the problem of heat and humidity build-up in the running shoe, by incorporating a full-length ventilation system in the sole of the shoe that removes heat and humidity from the foot through a system of ventilation channels.
Mizuno Smoothride


This Unique approach to the sole of the shoe is designed to create a smooth, rocking-chair-like transition from heel to toe on every step.
Mizuno U4iCX
Mizuno X10


Durability and Traction. X-10 provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno, it allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.
Mizuno Wave


Inspired by nature, Wave is the industry’s current most effective midsole technology. Its unique shape dissipates impact forces away from the foot for a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.

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