New Balance

Two Pro Runners and two models conquer the New York Marathon

Sunday, November 5th 2023

The New York Marathon is one of the most coveted and longed-for races for thousands of runners. Its fascinating route and unique atmosphere make participation in this marathon a dream. We still struggle to believe that this dream has become reality for our team.


Running and participating in a 42km is always exciting. Taking part in the New York Marathon, as a protagonist or even just a spectator, is a unique experience: from the wake-up call in the middle of the night, in a city that never sleeps, to the meeting point at the start where thousands of stories intersect and intersect. they mix. And what seems like a dream becomes reality, crossing roads that make you feel small, but never alone, because there are thousands of voices and cheering that accompany the Runners to the finish line. Now that we have experienced it, we can say it outright: it is not just a race.

New York Marathon
FROM STATEN ISLAND to Central Park: Run your way

As with the London Marathon, the spirit that guided our team in this new adventure is the inspirational one of New Balance: Run Your Way. Gabriele Ammoni, Giorgio Pulcini, Shari Moretto and Isabella Martini have become true spokespersons for this philosophy, bringing to the streets of New York not only their way of running, but each their own way of facing the challenge.

We had the pleasure of following them, from training to the finish line in Central Park, getting excited by their successes. We were rooting for Gabriele's revenge, who wanted to improve his Personal Best from the previous year, and he did it great. We were amazed at Giorgio's tenacity, who despite the kilometers he ran during the year did not give up an inch, not even this time. We were surprised by the passion and enthusiasm of Isabella, who finished her first marathon, always with her smile. And we were truly in disbelief at Shari's resilience and performance, who didn't give up even in the face of the unfortunate unexpected events encountered along the way.

Different approach to running, also due to experience and physicality, which require running shoes suitable for every need and every runner. Diversity that is not an obstacle when you have the technical support of New Balance, which we thank. Just as we thank Madam Danielle who lent her voice and eyes to narrate the event directly from New York. Last but not least, we thank the MisterRunning community for the enthusiasm with which they supported the team. Being able to share our passion for running with you always proves to be our greatest gratification. When is the next one?

Tears, happiness, passion: so many emotions!