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Nike Blueprint Pack
Innovation, lightness
and the unique style of the legendary Bill Bowerman

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Blueprint Pack: Nike shoes with Air technology

The Blueprint Pack presents the best of Air innovation, Nike's technology synonymous with reactivity, cushioning and lightness. Compared to its debut in 1970, today the latest Nike Air technology is based on the work of scientists, researchers and designers who, together with artificial intelligence and algorithmic tools, have analyzed athletes' feedback to create a better product and offer performance outside measure. Run further, whatever your dream, your goal, Air is designed to help you achieve it.

Nike Blueprint Pack: Bowerman's colors

Each shoe in the collection, from the lightning-fast Alphafly 3 to the reliable Pegasus 41, features a special colorway that celebrates the legacy of Bill Bowerman, co-founder of the brand. Nike designers were inspired by his notebooks and sketches, and for the Blueprint Pack they created a design based on his actual notes. The Swoosh dotted with shades of blue, on a white background and orange accents, is reminiscent of the one Bowerman imprinted laterally on the first shoes with a ballpoint pen with the aim of saving the weight of the logo stitching and reducing the overall weight of the shoe, obsessed with the idea of creating perfect shoes for his athletes.

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