Nike Storm Hydratation Waistpack

Black/RedCod: NRE7090     Mod: N.RL.28.060.OS

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Nike Storm Hydratation Waistpack - Black/Red N.RL.28.060.OS
Nike Storm Hydratation Waistpack - Black/Red

Nike Storm Hydratation Waistpack

One of the most important things you must do when your working out, is to stay hydrated!

Now its simple and easy with the new Nike Storm Hydration pouch. It contains a practical 0.65Ltr water bottle that's absolutely perfect to support you during intense workouts. No matter where you go, or how far you go, remember to stay hydrated!

The design details:

Equipped with two small compartments with side zips

A fully adjustable belt strap

Highly reflective details for conditions of poor visibility


Fabric: 55% nylon / 20% EVA / 15% polyester / 85% polyethylene / 2% Rubber

Nike Product Code: N.RL.28.060.OS

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