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With the arrival of the cold seasons, continuing to run becomes a challenge with oneself, which is why the choice of running clothing and shoes is essential. And as always Nike doesn't leave you alone in the race towards your goals. Even in the rain. Choose the model best suited to your needs and challenge bad weather, km after km.

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GTX

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gtx

Feel safe while running in the rain, with the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gtx. Thanks to the GORE-TEX and the grip of the sole you will be able to run for longer, both on asphalt and dirt, even when the road is wet and slippery.

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Nike Pegasus 39 Shield

Nike Pegasus 39 Shield

The whole world runs with Pegasus, even in the coldest and rainiest seasons. The Nike Pegasus 39 Shield will keep your feet dry and warm as you run towards all your goals, with the same responsiveness as always.

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Nike Infinity run 4

Nike InfinityRN 4 GTX

With the InfinityRN 4, bad weather won't be able to stop your challenges. The usual support and cushioning, combined with the waterproofness of GORE-TEX will accompany you on your runs, even when the sky is gray and the asphalt is wet.

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