Nnormal Tomir 2.0

NNormal Tomir 2.0
Even stronger, longer-lasting and cushioned

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Tomir 2.0: cutting-edge technologies for superior performance

Thanks to community feedback and after a long research process, Tomir is transformed into a durable, resistant and comfortable shoe, perfect for every condition, terrain and foot type. The key to its robustness lies in the use of new materials in the upper and midsole which ensure greater durability and offer superior protection. Longer-lasting thanks to the Vibram technologies applied to the tread, Tomir 2.0 will make you feel safe on every route. The wide base guarantees a feeling of greater stability and safer contact with the ground. Developed with EExpure foam, Tomir 2.0 is cushioned and responsive, capable of ensuring runners have less effort to get even further.

Suitable for all terrains and trail runners

NNormal Tomir 2.0 is the ideal choice for trail runners who tackle a variety of terrains. Whether it's rocks, roots, sand or grass, this shoe offers unmatched grip and a sturdy construction. Perfect for short, technical runs, long hikes, advanced trail runs, preparation workouts and weekend races, trail runners of all levels will find the Tomir 2.0 to be the right choice for versatility, reliability, and sustainability. The use of eco-compatible materials and responsible production processes make Tomir 2.0 a conscious choice for trail lovers.