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Take part in the November Challenge

Win a 30 € discount voucher

Join the Club on Strava and join the challenge November Running Distance Challenge , a monthly opportunity to push yourself beyond your limits and win a voucher € 30 discount for the purchase of a new pair of running shoes. You have time from 1 November 2020 to 30 November 2020 to run as many kilometers as possible, it will be the ranking of our Club that will decree the top 10 winners.


Fill out the registration form to complete the participation.

In order to compete in the November Challenge it is necessary to fill in the form below, to have an account Strava , subscribe to Club on Strava and accept the monthly challenge November Running Distance Challenge

Assignment rules

The first 10 Runners in the ranking of the November Running Distance Challenge registered in the Club who have sent their data through the form will be awarded adhesion.