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Women's Sweatshirt

Puma Fusion Hoodie

Military GreenCod: QSAW73501     Mod: 592366-014
Puma Fusion Hoodie - Military Green 592366-014

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Puma Fusion Hoodie - Military GreenPuma Fusion Hoodie - Military Green
Puma Fusion Hoodie - Military Green 592366-014

Puma Fusion Hoodie

The Puma Fusion hoodie is made of soft sponge that ensures optimal comfort. Squared fit and structured collar.

Adjustable cap with lanyard
Cuffs and back of the hoodie with the same fabric
Two zippered side pockets
Longer back hem
Puma logo stitched on the back
Puma logo frontal sewn
Relaxed fit

Fabric: 93% cotton, 7% elastane

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