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Medical Supports

Spenco Second Skin Dressing Kit

Cod: IRE3035     Mod: S60-103
Spenco Second Skin Dressing Kit S60-103

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Spenco Second Skin Dressing Kit
Spenco Second Skin Dressing Kit

Spenco Second Skin Dressing Kit

The patches Spenco Second Skin Dressing refresh and soothe the skin, may be cut to the desired size.

The kit includes:
Bandages for dressing: help protect the skin from pressure, friction, irritation or blisters
Humidified patches (non-sterile): contain pure water and provide comfortable protection helping to keep the skin clean and moisturized
Adhesive tissue: can be applied on any part of the body subject to chafing, irritation or friction. The tissue adhesive is composed of a highly breathable mesh and elastic and is a medical-surgical device

Package Contents:
5 rectangular patches for dressing with dimensions 76 x 38 mm
2 bandages moistened with dimensions 165 x 76 mm
1 adhesive fabric with dimensions 127 x 76 mm

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