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Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes

Take on any terrain with off-road racing models.

Trail Running Apparel

Trail Running Apparel

Run with more comfort and protection with off-road racing garments.

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Trail Running is for everyone

Have you already tired of the pedestrian trail, the traffic lights and the smog? It's time to move on to the Trail Running. Whether it's a few kilometers of walking along the path behind the house or an epic Ultra-Trail company in the Alps, running around in the middle of nature is a fantastic experience. TrailRunning literally means "running on the paths", and it does not matter whether you are Killian Jornet or that you are taking your first steps away from the asphalt. In any case it will be a unique feeling, a real journey as you run. No step is identical to the next, no support is equal to the previous one. The legs receive the adrenaline impulse typical of the race, but the real energy in the Trail Running comes from the contact with nature and the variety of environments that you cross. Nothing will be more monotonous: slopes, fords, mule tracks, obstacles of all kinds and if there is a little rain it is even better.

Trail Running Shoes: the details that make the difference

Until recently the Trail Running shoes were characterized by the simple presence of an off-road sole, but in recent years the leading brands of the Trail have created real masterpieces. The new uppers made specifically for running on rough trails are characterized by reinforced chassis in the areas most subject to impacts, and provide super-technical devices aimed at the total protection of your foot.

Trail Running Shoes

Entering the Trail Running shoes department of MisterRunning, the online store specialized for Running, you will find all the latest models of the best Trail Running Shoes brands always available immediately and you'll be spoiled for choice, we have more than 100 models of Trail shoes Running in stock, you can choose and buy them with just a few clicks and receive them at home in 3-4 days. 

Total protection

In Trail Running the elements to be protected are basically two: the roughness of the ground and the water. Choose a well-structured trail running shoe for safety in the grips and grip on any terrain, and if you think (or wish) to tackle moist soils, immediately choose an upper in water-repellent material, Gore-Tex par excellence. In the Trail Running shoes department of you will find dozens of models with Gore-Tex membrane, a guarantee to keep your feet dry.

Buy clear: the return is always free

On your purchase is secure, you have 14 days to decide whether to keep your Trail Running shoes. You can return them without the obligation to give any explanation and we will think about everything, the courier will pick them up at your home and you will not have to pay anything, while the amount you will be refunded as soon as we receive your return. What are you waiting for to try out your new trail running shoes?

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