Choosing the right size of your running shoes

How to choose the right size of your running shoes

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Choosing the size of your running shoes according to your foot length is the easiest way not to make mistakes.

There is nothing more annoying than a uncomfortable running shoe, and it is above all dangerous because it could alter your support favoring the risk of accidents.
In addition, if you shop online and know your size, you will be able to avoid unnecessary waste of time for any returns.
Get a simple sheet of paper, a pencil and a tape measure, that's all that you will need to get the measurement of your foot length.

How to measure your foot

Measure your foot

  • Wear the socks you usually wear while running;
  • Stand on a hard surface with your back to the wall;
  • Place a sheet of paper under your foot and distribute the weight evenly;
  • Draw a mark at the longest finger (it's not always the big toe);
  • Measure the distance from the bottom edge of the sheet to the mark you have drawn;
  • Tip:  takes the measurement at the end of the day as the foot tends to swell.
How to choose the size

Choose the right size

Now that you have your foot size in centimeters, you are ready to choose your new running shoe without the risk of error.

To the measurement you got add a value between 1 and 1.5 centimeters in order to leave space between the tip of the foot and the tip of the shoe. During the race, the foot tends to swell with increasing circulation. In addition, when resting, the foot needs space to expand and the toes must have the right freedom of movement.

Let's take an example: if your foot measures 27 cm, you can buy a running shoe with a length between 28 and 28.5 cm. Simple isn't it?