Hoka take your time - Camilla Zani

Take your time Take your time with Hoka

Discover how running can become your moment of tranquility in your busy everyday life through the inspiring stories of our runners.

Danielle and her Hoka Arahi 7:

In this first episode, we dive into the life of Danielle Madame, a living example of how running can be much more than just a physical activity. For Danielle, running means deliberately choosing to take your time, to listen to yourself and, above all, to go at your own pace. Hoka's Arahi 7 were for her not just a technical accessory but a true symbol of this lifestyle choice, underlining the importance of moving in harmony with oneself and with the world around us.

For her, the Hoka were not just simple running shoes, but real traveling companions, a means of exploring both physical and emotional horizons. In particular, the Arahi 7 model proved to be ideal, supporting her every step and offering her the stability necessary to face everyday challenges with confidence, knowing she could count on reliable and comfortable support.

Camilla and her Hoka Mach 6

As a child, Camilla Zani was surrounded by the sounds and colors of the mountains. Now, in the city, he finds new ways to reconnect with nature: running through parks at dawn. Every run is a step towards finding inner balance, a journey that remembers its roots.

The Hoka Mach 6 are more than just running shoes for Camilla; they are the allies who make this journey possible. With their lightness and comfort, they support her at every step, transforming urban asphalt into a path to serenity.