Conceived in the Flylab

The Hoka Cielo X1 and its journey into the FLYLAB

The Cielo X1 took shape in the beating heart of HOKA's FlyLab , a center dedicated to joyful innovation. Led by FLYENTIST experts, the conception, manufacturing and testing process in the FlyLab shaped the Cielo X1 with advanced technologies and limitless creativity. This is where world-class performance comes to life, and the Cielo X1 is the brilliant result of this extraordinary alchemy.

The ideal choice for runners looking for uncompromising speed

If you are a runner who isn't satisfied with mediocrity, if you seek pure speed and uncompromising performance, then the HOKA Cielo X1 was designed especially for you. This shoe is the perfect choice for those who want to push their limits and reach exceptional levels of speed. With a unique combination of advanced technology and innovative design, the Cielo X1 offers an unprecedented running experience. Its wing-like carbon fiber plate, paired with a layer of resilient PEBA foam, gives you superior energy returns, pushing you faster and further with every step. Whether you're an experienced runner looking to get the most out of racing or a running enthusiast looking for a performance shoe, the Cielo X1 is a perfect fit for any runner who aspires to excellence. Choose the HOKA Cielo X1 and prepare to live a unique running experience, where speed and performance come together in an extraordinary combination. Don't settle for an ordinary ride, raise the bar and conquer the road with the HOKA Cielo X1. Your next fast run starts here.