Copenaghen Marathon

Gabriele and Lavinia's Experience at the Copenhagen Marathon with Nike

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Training and the big day

Repeated, long gym sessions, days of intense training to achieve a single objective: bringing home an interesting result but above all managing the mental strength to tackle those 42.195 km. Lavinia, Gabriele, Copenhagen, Nike, MisterRunning and the race: they are all the true protagonists of this experience. A day of organization and efficiency, few frills, as is typical of the Danish capital, and full of a festive atmosphere that made the event truly memorable. On her feet the reactive but comfortable Nike InfinityRN 4, for him the super performing Nike Alphafly Next% 3: it is also thanks to these running shoes that our Ambassadors have managed to add a new medal to their showcase.

Sustainability and Hospitality: values at the heart of the Copenhagen Marathon

An organization attentive to the needs of runners and those of the environment. The presence of changing rooms and showers, the fabric race bags, the use of paper cups, the bibs printed on the spot to avoid unnecessary waste: the Copenhagen marathon shone for the attention towards the runners, but above all for its important commitment to sustainability, each choice in fact reflects the environmental responsibility of the organization and the city itself. A city you don't expect, which has completely put aside its proverbial coldness, typical of Northern Europe, to make room for a warm and participatory public.


Gabriele and Lavinia brought home much more than a final time; they have collected stories of resistance, innovation and a deep appreciation for the welcome of the Danish people. Thanks to the support of Nike, the event exceeded all expectations, strengthening the link between sport, technology and environmental respect.

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