London Marathon

London Marathon 2024
Eleonora Gardelli and Giorgio Pulcini share their incredible experience.

Relive the emotion in the video

Our video recap captures the intensity of the day. Watch it now to feel the energy and emotion of every moment.

A Spectacular Start

Eleonora says : "The opening party transformed London with lights and colours. Supported by New Balance, we felt the adrenaline of the competition grow."

Challenges and Triumphs

A Personal Triumph

Eleonora says : "The day of the race was a mix of sun and challenges. Finishing with 03:01:07 and fourth place among the Italians was a dream come true."

Even though the cold and the wind were no less challenging adversaries than the distance, our spirit never wavered. Finishing this marathon, supported by New Balance and, was not only a personal achievement, but an experience that united us and strengthened us as a team.