New Balance 880v14: a new standard of style and performance

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Style at every step

The New Balance 880v14 isn't just about exceptional performance, It also stands out for its style. Every detail has been designed with aesthetic care, giving this shoe an eye-catching look that captures attention with every step.

Wearing the 880v14 isn't just about enjoying comfort and advanced performance, it's about doing it in style. Whether you're training on the city streets or simply going about your daily routine, this shoe will accompany you with elegance. With the 880v14, it's not just about racing, it's about doing it with unique style and personality.

Comparison with the previous one

Comparison with the previous version: a more natural ride

The 880v14 introduces significant improvements over its predecessor, the 880v13. With a heel offset reduced to 8mm, it offers a closer to the ground feel, promoting a smooth transition. The stack height of the sole, between 29-21 mm, balances cushioning and reactivity, providing optimal comfort and a ready response to movements. These updates aim to offer a more natural and dynamic ride, adapting to runners' individual preferences.

Final Opinions

Final thoughts and suggestions: who is the 880v14 suitable for?

In conclusion, the New Balance 880v14 is the ideal choice for those looking for a daily running companion. Thanks to the one-piece Fresh Foam sole, this shoe offers a continuous sensation of comfort and lightness. It is suitable for both expert runners and those who love more relaxed walks. The soft and breathable upper also makes it perfect for prolonged use.

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