adidas Supernova Rise

adidas Supernova Rise: the era of extreme comfort for everyday runners

Advanced technology for maximum comfort

Adidas focuses on comfort for running shoes, highlighted by studies on 1,300 runners. Introduces Dreamstrike+, an advanced foam for unparalleled comfort and support, ensuring softness for everyday runners. The Support Rod System adds stability, making the Supernova Rise ideal for various runners, ensuring long-lasting support and cushioning.

Aesthetics and new colors

Aesthetics and new colors

The new colors of the adidas Supernova Rise stand out for their bold design, inspired by nature and the energy of bioluminescence. The combination of Black and Aurora with Semi Green Spark details conveys a sense of dynamism and vitality, reflecting the energy of runners. These shoes are not just an accessory for your training, but a real style statement.

Who are the adidas Supernova Rise designed for?

JT Newcomb, adidas Running Footwear Category Director, highlights the goal of making running accessible to a wider audience by focusing on comfort. The Supernova Rise is therefore ideal for everyday runners looking not only for performance, but also for an enjoyable, distraction-free running experience. Whether you're a beginner or a long-distance veteran, these shoes are designed to support you in every step.


The adidas Supernova Rise represents a milestone in the evolution of running shoes, offering a perfect mix of style, comfort and advanced technology. Available on, they are the ideal choice for those looking to elevate their running experience to a new level of excellence. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the new colors and experience the future of running comfort.

adidas Supernova Solution and adidas Supernova Stride

Adidas expands the Supernova range with Solution and Stride , innovative models for a revolutionized daily run. Solution, with recycled materials, promises lightness and cushioning for every workout, thanks to Dreamstrike+ and Stability Rods for comfort and stability, plus a mesh upper for support and breathability. Stride offers softness and optimal fit, with Dreamstrike+ in the forefoot for maximum cushioning and EVA insert for dynamic transitions. Both highlight adidas' commitment to sustainable innovation and superior performance, giving runners choices suited to every running need.