Asics Gel-Trabuco 12: tackle every trail

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Adventure without limits

Comfort that lasts mile after mile: your adventure without limits

With a lightweight, breathable mesh upper, the Gel-Trabuco 12 reduces weight without compromising durability. FF Blast technology offers lightweight, responsive cushioning, turning every step into a dynamic and comfortable experience. Whether you're tackling a challenging trail or enjoying a quieter run, your comfort experience will always be top notch.

Integrated protection and style

Integrated protection and cutting-edge design: the Gel-Trabuco 12 is the perfect combination of safety and style

Tackle any type of terrain with the Gel-Trabuco 12 by Asics, available on The rock protection plate offers safety on sharp rocks and rough terrain, ensuring flexibility for a smooth ride. The ASICSGRIP sole ensures unparalleled grip, allowing you to overcome any obstacle with confidence and determination. The advanced design of the Gel-Trabuco 12 not only offers high-level performance but also eye-catching style. 3D printing details improve durability and add a modern touch. Discover the thrill of trail running with a shoe designed for true trail lovers, offering uncompromising comfort, performance and style. Tackle your favorite trails with the Gel-Trabuco 12, the ready choice for any adventure.

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