Paris Marathon

My Paris marathon with MisterRunning. 
The incredible experience told by Cristiano Rizzi

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The preparation and the beginning of the adventure

It all begins on April 5th in the French capital. It is here that, together with the MisterRunning team, I had the opportunity to participate in the Running Festival, the event that celebrated the already well-known philosophy of ASICS . Among the words of innovation and passion for running, shared by the CEO of the Japanese brand Yasuhito Hirota, and by figures such as Pierre Mollar and Shuhei Takemura, the echo of our mission resonated: running is not just a physical activity, but a journey that shapes mind, body and spirit.

The race and the emotions

April 7th is the day! In the air only the palpable excitement of us runners. As I headed towards Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the adrenaline increased more and more. It wasn't my first marathon, but the atmosphere of Paris, the history around every corner, made this race one of a kind.

The lively encouragement from my team, the shot at the start of the race, the enchanting passage with the Eiffel Tower in the background, then the arrival at the finish line with the Arc de Triomphe as a backdrop. Every step, every breath, was supported by the encouragement of the city and the knowledge of being part of something bigger.

Running through the streets of Paris, sharing this experience with athletes from all over the world, was truly an adventure that I will carry with me forever. The Paris Marathon, together with MisterRunning and Asics, has given me more than a medal, it has given me memories, friendships and lessons that will go beyond any finish line.


Thank you MisterRunning for making this incredible adventure possible. This marathon wasn't just a race, it was a celebration of life, of pushing boundaries and sharing a passion that unites us all.

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