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Nike Run Energy: BLUE RIBBON SPORT and the VAN LIFE that all runners dream of.

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Running as culture

Running as culture

The Nike brand is inextricably linked to running and the "Run Energy" pack proposes the tones and liveries of the products in vogue in the golden age of running, the fabulous 70s which saw Nike emerge as a pioneer of innovation and of sporty style. This pack captures the retrospective essence of running, harking back to Nike's legendary beginnings and its journey that began with BRS.

BRS: the genesis of Nike

BRS: the genesis of Nike

It was the early 1960s and even before opening the Blue Ribbon Sports store (in Santa Monica, in 1966) , the visionary Phil Knight personally went to athletics meets to sell the first rudimentary running shoes - then imported from Japan - directly from the trunk of his car, a legendary Plymouth Valiant. This direct approach allowed him not only to reduce costs, but to establish a direct relationship with the athletes and better understand their needs. This was precisely one of the intuitions that allowed the two pioneers to develop superior level shoes and stand out from the crowd for technicality and design.

Running as a form of expression

The "Run Energy" capsule is created to support the lifestyle of passionate young runners who see running as a form of expression, and the Van Life clearly represents the desire to live outdoors and connect deeply with nature. surrounding environment. The entire collection, which bears the BRS logo on every garment, is a declaration of loyalty to the inspiring principles and origins of the brand. Determination, dedication, passion: it's not just Running, but a lifestyle.

Run Energy: the Future in the Past

Run Energy: the future written in the past

The enthusiasm that animates the Nike "Run Energy" collection is an invitation to celebrate not only the history, but also the future of running, a future that Nike imagines full of adventures, discoveries and, above all, running. Each item in this collection is not simply a garment, but a piece of history, an invitation to be part of a community that values freedom, exploration and a passion for movement. Wearing "Run Energy" means embracing a lifestyle where every run is an adventure, every road a story and every moment a chance to discover new horizons. Are you ready to make your mark with every step? Because with Nike, every step brings us closer to that version of ourselves we've always dreamed of being. Let's run towards the future, together.

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