Under Armour Infinite Elite

Under Armor Infinite Elite Performance and Comfort for Your Run

Responsive cushioning

Responsive cushioning for exceptional performance

Ultra-responsive UA HOVR+ cushioning reduces impact and returns energy with every step, pushing you further along as you run. The lightweight Thinweb rubber outsole is designed to offer resistance and energy return where you need it, ensuring optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Endless racing

Endless running: explosive performance from the first to the last km

UA HOVR+ cushioning returns energy used during the run, offering a springy boost that accompanies even the longest runs . The fusion of the small foam spheres guarantees an unparalleled running experience, combining comfort , responsiveness and resistance for exceptional performance at all times. Thanks to the soft and elastic UA HOVR+ cushioning, the UA Infinite allows you to never stop, offering you the lightness necessary to tackle any distance . The propulsive thrust provided by this technology accompanies you from the first stride to the end, guaranteeing explosive performance throughout the entire run.

Technical design for maximum comfort and support

The UA IntelliKnit upper with micro details and texture ensures a personalized fit for maximum comfort . The presence of a TPU heel clip and an asymmetrical strap increase support and stability, while the heel design promotes soft landings, reducing impact with the ground and improving overall stability. The 3D molded insole wraps the foot for an even more comfortable fit.


In conclusion, the new Under Armor Infinite Elite represent the pinnacle of innovation in the field of running shoes, offering explosive performance, personalized comfort and uncompromising stability. Whether you're a professional runner or a running enthusiast, these shoes are ready to take your performance to the next level.