mizuno wave rebellion 2

Beyond the Limits: MIZUNO Wave Rebellion: PRO 2, FLASH 2 and SONIC 2

MIZUNO Wave Rebellion PRO 2

MIZUNO Wave Rebellion PRO 2: for the ambitious athlete

Main features:

  • 1. Wave technology and carbon fiber plate for a mix of superior cushioning and responsiveness;
  • 2. Streamlined design to reduce drag and increase speed;
  • 3. Premium materials for optimal durability and breathability.

Ideal for:

Marathoners and long-distance runners looking to break their personal bests thanks to the unique combination of support, durability and cushioning, allowing you to tackle long distances with confidence and comfort.


Why will you like them?

PROs are more than shoes; they are your allies in the most arduous challenges, designed to guide you towards goals that seemed unattainable. With every step, you will feel the path opening up before you, pushing you beyond the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

MIZUNO Wave Rebellion FLASH 2

MIZUNO Wave Rebellion FLASH 2: for the agile sprinter

Main features:

  • 1. Improved cushioning and energy return for a responsive ride;
  • 2. Extreme lightness for fast and agile sprints;
  • 3. Modern design and bright colors for a unique style.

Ideal for:

Sprinters and speed lovers , who want to feel light and fast like the wind. These shoes are made for those who love speed, offering an immediate response that transforms every impulse into acceleration.


You will choose them because...

Wearing the new FLASH 2 means challenging every second, every meter. They are created for those who want to leave a mark, for those who run not only to reach the finish line, but to do it before everyone else. With the FLASH, every ride is an opportunity to prove to yourself that there are no limits to your speed.

MIZUNO Wave Rebellion SONIC 2

MIZUNO Wave Rebellion SONIC 2: lightness and speed for road running

Main features:

  • 1. Extremely light: at just 231 grams (size 8 UK), the SONIC 2 is designed to offer an incredibly light ride, maximizing your speed and agility;
  • 2. Reactivity and Flexibility: thanks to the innovative Mizuno Enerzy compound midsole and the Mizuno Wave TPU plate, these shoes guarantee exceptional propulsion, improving your performance over every distance;
  • 3. Superior Grip: the sole with high-traction rubber inserts ensures a secure grip, perfect for maintaining pace on the road, improving safety in all conditions.

Ideal for:

Runners looking for speed and lightness without compromise . The MIZUNO Wave Rebellion SONIC 2 are the perfect choice for light and medium-light weight athletes, who want a shoe capable of supporting a fast pace (< 4 min/km) or medium-fast pace (4-5 min/km) on long distances.


Innovation at your service

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion SONIC 2 are more than just running shoes; they are a concentration of technology and design designed to improve every aspect of your run. From the AirMesh upper, which guarantees breathability and comfort, to the flexible structure that follows the natural movement of the foot, every detail is designed to offer you a superior running experience.


The PRO, FLASH and SONIC models of the MIZUNO Wave Rebellion 2024 series are much more than high-tech tools for running; they are sources of inspiration, designed to elevate every athlete's running experience. Whether you're looking to beat your personal best, outrun your opponents, or explore unknown territory, MIZUNO has created the perfect shoe to accompany you through every challenge. Each model is a hymn to overcoming limits, a reminder that, with the right equipment and determination, there are no unattainable goals.