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The Nagino capsule: technology and style for runners

ASICS' new Nagino capsule offers a comprehensive range of running shoes and apparel designed to meet the needs of women on the go. From advanced technology for maximum cushioning and stability, to elegant and contemporary design lines, every element of the collection has been designed to allow women to push their limits and feel safe and supported during physical activity.

Running Shoes

Asics Nagino shoes: performance, comfort and design

The running shoes from the Asics Nagino capsule are designed to inspire women with every step. Equipped with innovative technologies, such as the FF Blast+ compound and Pure Gel, they satisfy the different needs that athletes may have. Whether you need more cushioning, more comfort or superior performance, there is a suitable model, thanks also to their versatility. Furthermore, all running shoes have a unique design, with shades of blue and marine green that give an unmistakable touch of style. Each run turns into a unique experience, to be inspired and inspire other women, kilometer after kilometer.

Apparel for Women

Nagino clothing: style and functionality in harmony

The clothing of the Nagino capsule combines style and functionality to offer women an impeccable look both during training and in competition. Made with breathable and comfortable materials, each garment is designed to fit the body and promote freedom of movement. From tights with technical and stretch fabrics to breathable shirts, each product is designed to support runners' performance without compromising style.

Supporting women's health and well-being

In a world where the Gender Exercise Gap remains a pervasive challenge, ASICS is committed to doing its part to promote women's inclusion and well-being through movement. The Nagino capsule represents a significant step forward towards this goal, offering not only high quality products, but also a message of empowerment and support for all women who wish to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

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