The Magic of the Valencia Marathon: Lavinia Giammaria's feat

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The Epilogue of an Unforgettable Year

We couldn't close the chapter of 2023 without participating in one last marathon and what better choice than the evocative Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso, one of the most fascinating races in Europe both for its route and for the enchanting climate.

This time, it was our courageous Ambassador, Lavinia Giammaria, who conquered the magical distance of 42 km. Her participation was an experience full of emotions, from the emotional tears at the start to the tireless determination that pushed her, kilometer after kilometre, towards the final finish line. It all culminated in a time of 4 hours, 4 minutes and 58 seconds, in the splendid setting of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Run Your Way - Our Mission

Our mission, in tune with the powerful New Balance slogan "Run Your Way", is to provide the right motivation and support to all runners eager to achieve their goals, with their unique pace and their unmistakable rhythm . Regardless of numbers and medals, what matters is the determination to challenge yourself.

Lavinia perfectly embodies this extraordinary determination. From the grueling training sessions in the weeks leading up to December 3rd, she surpassed every obstacle and achieved the set goals, finishing the Marathon and earning the well-deserved Finisher's medal. She did it with the right allies, the Fresh Foam X 1080 v13, the iconic New Balance running shoes with the perfect blend of comfort and responsiveness, ideal for training and racing over long distances.

Looking for the Next Chapter

Who will be next to join us on this extraordinary adventure? And above all, where will the next stop on our journey be? We're eager to find out with the growing community of runners who embrace the philosophy of "Run Your Way." Every new step is a challenge, every new marathon is a chapter to be written. Keep running with us, into the unknown and beyond. The road is open, and the possibilities are endless

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